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Impact on Youth

Marijuana use in adolescence or early adulthood can have a serious impact on a teen's life.


Age of First Use and Marijuana Disorders

Addiction is a pediatric onset disease; 9 out 10 adults with a substance use disorder started using marijuana, alcohol, or nicotine before age 18.


Marijuana Addiction and Rehab

1 in 6 youth who use marijuana regularly become addicted; Marijuana is the #1 substance for youth seeking treatment for substance disorder.


Rising Potency of Marijuana

The average potency of today's marijuana is 18-23% THC, compared to potency in the 1970s which averaged

1–3%  THC.  


Normalization and Youth Use

Marijuana store locations and exposure to advertising increases likelihood and frequency  of youth use.


Correlation to Use of Other Drugs

Youth who use marijuana are exponentially more likely to use other drugs​ - 8x more likely to binge drink, 10x more likely to use other illicit drugs.


Products Targeting Youth

Marijuana edibles are deceptively designed to resemble standard snacks, candy and treats but contain high levels of  THC

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Link to Negative Mental Health Outcomes

Early marijuana use is significantly linked to mental illness: schizophrenia, psychosis, depression, and anxiety.


Decline in Academic Achievement 

Marijuana is linked to school failure, lower income, and poor quality of life; Persistent heavy use of marijuana is linked to a drop in IQ of up to 8 points


Dangers of
Impaired Driving

After alcohol, marijuana is the substance most linked to drugged driving;  Drivers high on marijuana are twice as likely to crash.

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